Texas Gulf Coast Council Memorial College Scholarship Fund







          2019 TGCC Memorial College Scholarship Recipients

The Texas Gulf Coast Council of Diving Clubs (TGCC) Memorial College Scholarship Awards are given in memory of Jack Allyn, Greg Grimes, Jean Himes, Anne Millioud. John Petty, Michael Szewczyk, Clint (Dwight) Moore, and Dick Zingula, deceased members of our dive community.  Supporting this scholarship program with the TGCC are Alicia Grimes, Linda Petty, the Houston Underwater Photographic Society and the Houston Underwater Club. 


This year there were two applicants. Both are freshman just entering college.


The following 2019 awards were made and will be sent to their respective schools:


                        Recipient                   Amount          Club               School


                        William Moran            $2,000             HUPS              Lafayette College

                        Brendan Oglesby        $1,000             Lunarfins       Lone Star College



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