Texas Gulf Coast Council Memorial College Scholarship Fund







          2020 TGCC Memorial College Scholarship Recipients

This year there were three applicants who are the grandchildren of club members.  William Moran, a Southmore and last year’s winner of our $2,000 award.  Andrew Greve and Wyatt Storts, who are just entering college.  All, had strong applications and William continued to make strong grades and the Dean’s List.


TGCC’s 2020 Scholarship application stated that “The Texas Gulf Coast Council of Diving Clubs (TGCC) plans to award one College scholarships (1 @ $500) during 2020”.  However, once the review was underway the Council decided to triple its scholarship budget and award each of the participants a $500 award.  This was based upon:

  • The strength of the applications

  • Our desire to support promising students entering college

  • Our desire to support our member clubs; their members, children and grandchildren.

  • The need to what we could to support our community in this “coronavirus” time.


The selection of our scholarship award recipients; and the review of their accomplishments, hopes and dreams is a highpoint in this diving Council’s year.  Our scholarship awards are an investment in our community’s future.  


The following awards were made and will be sent to their respective schools:


Recipient                Amount    Club        Club Member                   School


William Moran       $500        HUPS            Russell Ramsey           Lafayette College

Andrew E. Greve    $500        Lunarfins     Mike & Mary Smith     Colorado Mesa University

Wyatt Storts           $500        Lunarfins     Paul & Ann Herring     Texas Tech University



I personally thank each of you, and your clubs, for the support you’ve given the Council and its memorial college scholarship program.  


Frank Burek

TGCC President & TGCC Scholarship Chairman