Texas Gulf Coast Council Memorial College Scholarship Fund







          2018 TGCC Memorial College Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to this year's recipients of the TGCC Memorial College Scholarship Awards,given in

memory of Jack Allyn, Greg Grimes, Jean Himes, Anne Millioud, John Petty, Michael Szewczyk, and Dick

Zingula. Winners were decided by a vote of the club Representatives from each of the TGCC member

clubs on July 5th. This year there were 7 applicants. The number and quality of these applicants was

exceptional. The voting differential between the 1st and 5th place applicants was very narrow, with all

seven candidates scoring very high. This year, it was believed that each candidate was worthy of

recognition and support. As a result, TGCC elected to award the 4 scholarships it advertised, and 3

additional ones at a $250 support level. The following awards were made and will be sent to their

respective schools:

Anna Knochel $2,000 Rice Oceans Club

Sydney Hickerson $1,000 TGCC

Christa Arefieva $500 City of Houston Underwater Mariners (CHUM)

Elaine Wang Shen $500 Rice Oceans Club

Banks Beasley $250 HUPS

Audrey Puschinsky $250 Lunarfins

Cassidy Storts $250 Lunarfins



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