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Texas Gulf Coast Council Memorial College Scholarship Fund







          2022 TGCC Memorial College Scholarship Recipients

This announcement pertains to the $500 TGCC Memorial College Scholarship Award for 2022:

  • TGCC did not award any 2022 scholarship support - No member of our clubs, or their families, submitted a request for college tuition support this year.

  • For 29 years, the TGCC has encouraged higher education for its clubs and their members by providing some financial support. The selection of our scholarship award recipients; and the review of their accomplishments, hopes and dreams is a highpoint in this diving Council’s year.  Our scholarship awards are an investment in our community’s future.  This is the second time in those 29 years that we have not identified a scholarship recipient. 

  • TGCC plans to offer scholarship support again in 2023.  Formal announcement and scholarship details will be released at the annual TGCC Clubs Award Luncheon in January.


I personally thank each of you, and your clubs, for the support you’ve given the Council and its memorial college scholarship program.  I appreciate your help as we continue this program next year.


Frank Burek

TGCC President & TGCC Scholarship Chairman

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