Meeting Location

Meetings are generally held the first Monday of each month. They are held at the Bayland Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet Street (near Hillcroft), Houston, Texas.  The doors open a little before 7:00 PM and the program goes from 7:00 to about 9:00 PM.


Every month we have a speaker and/or film presenter, news from HUPS divemasters and officers on trips and other events, and a monthly photo contest based on selected subjects -- slide and new digital photo contest rules are posted on the contest page of this web site. 


2019 Meeting Schedule & Presentation Topics:

4 MAR     DSLR, Mirrorless, MFT, IBIS, Full Frame, etc.: what does                  it all mean for underwater photography and video?"

                                           Craig Beasley presenting

1 APR       Houston Police Department - Dive & Rescue Unit

                                            Sgt. Edward Goodwin presenting

6 MAY       Lembeh - Video and Tech discussion

                                            PJ Campagna presenting

3 JUN         The Flower Gardens - Jesse Cencelmo presenting


1 JUL          Diving the  Red Sea - Morrad Hassen presenting

5 AUG       St. Eustascius- Spring visit to the long thin island in                        the Bahamas.  Mike Greuter Presenting

9 SEP         Solomons - Eric Keibler Oceanic Ventures presenting

7 OCT        Philippines- Betsy Beasley presenting

4 NOV       BVI diving and the recovery from the hurricane                               disaster.         Jim and Sudi Babcock presenting


2 DE            Best of HUPS 

Post Meeting

Immediately after every meeting a group of long time members have made it a tradition to grab a bite to eat  at Jax Grill on 6510 S Rice Ave, Bellaire. We welcome all club members and their guests to come and join us and sit down in a relaxed enviornment to talk about recent trips, equipment, photographic methods and basically anything else that comes up for discussion. Its a great way to get to know members and to get more than 2 minutes of their time at any meeting. 

Bayland Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet Street (near Hillcroft), Houston, Texas.

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