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Russell Ramsey


I was born in England during WWII after my dad, who was in the USA Air Force, met my mom, who was in the British Women’s Air Force, married. We came to the US in 1946. I grew up in Houston. I graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas where I met my wife, Ann. I received my JD degree from the University of Houston, Bates College of Law. We have one daughter, who also dives, and two grandsons, one of whom dives.


I am a lawyer by profession in the firm my dad started. I retired in 2014. 

I started diving in the late 70’s and began underwater photography in the early 80’s using a Nikonos III and / or an Ikelite housed Pentax LX camera with a huge sports finder. 36 frames went by very quickly if one were not careful as to what you took photos of. I graduated to a Nikonos V and then, when the digital age started, began using a Canon 20 D in an Ikelite housing. I presently use a Canon 7 D in an Ikelite housing with Ikelite strobes. The lenses I prefer to use underwater are the Canon 60 mm macro, the Canon 10-22 wide angle and the Sigma 17-70 lens.


I belonged to HUPS very early in my diving career but quit attending meetings due to business and family constraints. I rejoined HUPS a few years ago. Since rejoining I have served on the Board of Directors and served as President and most recently was a trip leader on a HUPS sponsored trip to the BVI and USVI.

My favorite places to dive are Little Cayman, the BVI’s, Cozumel, the Solomon Islands, and the Philippines.


My wife and I enjoy travelling, involvement with the Southwestern University Alumni groups, hunting, fishing, photography, history related topics, gardening and generally being outdoors.


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