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Kay Collier


I was first certified in 1979 at the insistence of my husband.  I enjoyed the trips more than the diving, but we had some good times.  Between 1979 and 2005 I accumulated a total of 68 dives.  I discovered u/w photography in 2008 when a HUPS member loaned me a camera in Bali.  My attitude towards diving then changed drastically.  Within the last 9 years I have logged another 335 dives.  I found diving vastly more interesting with a camera. 


Thanks to the encouragement of a fellow HUPS member who became a close friend, I started competing in the photo contests.  I was fortunate in winning the compact digital POTY (Photographer of the Year) and the following year the Novice POTY.


My biggest “takeaway” from HUPS has been the close friendships I’ve formed. 


My favorite dive locations are those that are within two or less lay-overs and do not involve turbo prop planes.  At the insistence of my husband, I am now going to attempt u/w videography – we’ll see how that goes.  

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