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Jesse Cancelmo


I'm a HUPs lifetime member. I joined "back in the day", the year HUPs was initially formed. Can't remember what I did, but somehow I became HUPs' 3rd President. It was all Kodachrome and Fujichrome back then! I continue to enjoy HUPs meetings, HUPsters, presenting and participating.


My first underwater camera was my first camera, a Nikonos II with a bulb flash. Year was 1970. I've been a passionate underwater photographer for that long. Now, many systems later, I shoot a Nikon D800 in an Aquatica housing and use Ike strobes. Oh, and as long as I'm dating myself, I'll add that I'm a 1972 graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, Underwater Photography Program, an intense 3-month course.


My underwater photography endeavors led to publishing photos and articles in numerous magazines over the years. I have a small underwater photography business,, and one can visit to see the photo credits. My 4th book, Glorious Gulf of Mexico will be published later this year or early 2016. Although I travel fairly extensively around the world, the Gulf of Mexico, and especially the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, remain near and dear to my heart. All except one of the attached photos are from the GOM.


I retired from the Corporate world 5 years ago (Fortune 500 Global Engineering/Construction Co.), and since then I've amped up my participation in efforts to protect our ocean assets. I'm the Chair of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council and my involvement has given me a much broader view of the complexities in managing and protecting our precious coral reefs and marine life.


When I'm not diving or editing photos, I enjoy hiking in National Parks with my wife Christine. We have two wonderful children, Sarah and Jesse IV, who are out of the nest and pursuing their dreams.








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   profile picture©Doug Perrine

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