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Jackie Reid


I went on my first dive while visiting a buddy in Hawaii.  When I came home I saw an ad in the newspaper offering scuba sessions and signed up.  At first I stuck mostly to spearfishing.  Once I picked up a camera I was hooked.  I am mainly self-taught but in 1981 I took a photo course taught by professional u/w photographer Stephen Frink.  


My first cameras were the Nikonos III and a  Nikon F3.  Many years later when photography moved to the digital world I used a Fuji S2 Pro.  Currently I’m using a Nikon D300 with Ikelite strobes in a Seacam housing. My favorite subjects to photograph are fish and sharks.  


I have been diving in many locations in the Pacific but my favorite place to dive is the Gulf of Mexico.  


In the last couple of years Mary Lou and I have started doing other wildlife photography especially bird photography.  Probably my one regret looking back is being too focused on one area of photography and not exploring other opportunities.  After all, most of us can’t do underwater photography everyday but there are many other photo opportunities that if taken advantage of, will make us better photographers.  


Mary Lou and I are always willing to share what we have learned over the years.  Feel free to contact us.  Also visit our website:


When not diving I enjoy golf and watching sports on TV especially football.  Go Texans!

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