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Dennis Deavenport

I started diving in 1990 and soon after started hauling UW cameras down with me.  I started out with a Nikonos V but never really liked it.  After a few years I changed over to my first housed 35 mm Canon SLR and I was hooked.  Since then, I've upgraded to three digital Canon SLR systems in Ikelite housings and Ikelite strobes. Each upgrade has put a nice smile on my face a better pictures (and now - video) in my stash of "keepers".  My arsenal now includes a new GoPro which also makes me smile but has me scratching my head from time to time trying to make it do what I want.
I joined HUPS back in 1997 and fell in love with the people and the organization. Over the past 18 years, I've served as president, vice president, and as a board member. It's all been good.  For a number of years, I've been managing the monthly photo contest for HUPS.  The best parts of being in HUPS are the open learning environment that other members provide, the amazing monthly presentations, the free workshops, and just going diving with friends in the club.
During my diving career, I've been fortunate to dive all over the world.  My favorite trips have been to Truk Lagoon, Raja Ampat, Komodo, Palau, and the Philippines. When I have a choice, I prefer to dive with my friends in HUPS.  
On a personal level, I've been married to Martha since 1969.  After college at Midwestern State Univ and TCU, I spent almost 40 years as a chemist.  We moved to Houston in 1981 and live in the Clear Lake area.  Martha and I retired several years ago and are happily chasing our dreams.  Life has been good to us.

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