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Lance Glowacki


I am one those kids that saw Mike Nelson (Sea Hunt) back in the 60’s and started scuba diving around the dining room table.  I was certified in 1976 but really didn’t start diving until the 90’s. 


My first underwater camera was the disposable 35mm housing that stopped winding below 35 feet.

I moved up to a Motor marine 1, and then a Ikelite housing for a Canon Elan with Ikelite strobes. I am currently shooting a Canon 7D with the 100mm in a Aquatica housing for Macro. For wide angle, either a Canon T3i or T1i using the 10 to 17mm or 17 to 40 mm.  Currently I am using Inon strobes which are very reliable and traveler friendly.


Getting wet has become my passion, so if I am on vacation you can expect to find me in the water.  I usually like live-abroads  and have done most of the ones in the Caribbean, but just for a plain relaxing vacation with no stress, I go to Cayman Brac.


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